Friday, 19 February 2010

What the Hunt is about: After two very successful Men's hunts, the organization team behind the JFTG Hunt group has been asked to do a hunt for the girlies. This is going to be a pretty traditional, straight forward hunt. The only twist is that we will be very picky about the vendors who participate. What we are looking for from our participating vendors is quality of products, a reasonably sized women's department, and an inworld contact that can be reached within 24 hours if an issue should arise.

Who? The "rules" on who can participate. We will gladly accept any vendors that are either entirely female product oriented or have a nice sized womens section. We will accept non-flagship locations as long as there is a direct tp to the store entrance. Sorry, but we are not accepts resellers at this time unless it's the main location/creator's store.

When? The hunt will take place [April 1st - April 30th]. The deadline for vendor sign up is [March 24th.] This will allow time for the vendor list to be compiled and the order to be assigned. The AD Board will be sent out as soon as your application is approved so you can start advertising as soon as possible. The hunt objects themselves would be delivered to you, as well as the Landmarks, when the list of vendors is complete. You may hide your objects any time after midnight SLT the day before the hunt starts.

Why participate? Standard reason. All stores want more traffic and higher sales. This brings new shoppers to your stores and gets them acquainted with your products.

What will be provided by Organizers: We will provide you, the vendor, with as much help as we can. If we cant help you, we will find someone who can. You will also be provided with the object that the hunters will be hunting for. The gift box is a fedora, those of you who sell hats, can be extra evil in hiding this object. Enjoy that! :) Also, You will receive the traditional “Hunt Here” Signage for your location.

Troubleshooting - If all goes as planned, you will be bothered very little by hunters (We would hope not at all, but there are some that will feel the need to contact you. We're striving to cut them off at the pass.) There will be two groups for the hunt - one for Vendors, one for Hunters. This will keep you from getting the group chatter once the hunt starts and keeps any vendor issues from being seen by others. For the hunters - In an effort to cut down on cheat sheets, We suggest that every week or so you relocate your hunt object. There will be a Master list of hints on the blogsite. All we ask is that when you relocate the object, you leave the organisers an offline or notecard of a new hint, or tell us where it is and we'll come up with a hint for it.

If this is something you’re interested in, please let us know. We'd love to add you to our list of vendors for the hunt! If it isn’t but you know someone who may be interested in participating as a vendor, please pass them this card, or give them our names. This hunt is affliated with the Just for the Guys hunt, but no others.

Thanks for your time and participation,
Josephine Winslet
Maleficent Benoir

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